Manners Traduccions, in business since 1993

The personalised customer service of a small company together with the experience and professionalism of a great team

Manners Traduccions, in business since 1993

Our commitment to a job well done is your quality guarantee

Manners Traduccions, in business since 1993

Our professional profile: attention to detail, steadfast pursuit of quality and a personal, dynamic and flexible service


Written translations: all types and all subjects
Our services are tailored to the needs of each client and we guarantee outstanding quality. All our translations are entrusted to qualified native professionals with long experience in the field of translation and linguistic services. We ensure that all projects are duly checked by a second translator to guarantee the maximum degree of fidelity, adaptation and consistency.


Stylistic, orthographic and typographic

All our proofreaders have extensive experience in this field and, apart from observing the current rules and criteria, they adapt their work to the guidelines established by the client in terms of style. Moreover, we guarantee that the texts are revised by a second proofreader to ensure maximum efficiency and consistency with respect to the standardisation of criteria.


Simultaneous, consecutive, press conference, sign language...

We work with highly qualified professionals and we also offer our clients all the technical services and interpretation types they may require.


Transcription of audio and video files

We transcribe audio and video files in several languages. Far from settling for verbatim transcriptions, we deliver texts that are syntactically and linguistically correct in order to aid comprehension. If the transcription needs to be adapted for a publication, we also offer a proofreading service that transforms the transcript into a publishable format.

Writing of minutes

Transforming transcriptions into minutes

Our long experience is a guarantee of quality in the writing up of minutes in a range of different formats, always maintaining strict linguistic standards and tailoring our work to the needs of our clients.


Brief consultation, in situ translation/proofreading, desktop publishing


At Manners Traduccions, SL you’ll find the personalised customer service that only a small company can deliver, along with the experience, enthusiasm and professionalism of a great team.

At Manners we work to provide a personalised, dynamic and flexible service but above all, when we tackle a project, we take a realistic approach with a multifaceted perspective: degree of complexity, feasibility of deadlines, volume, standardisation of criteria, and so on. Manners is the ideal option if you are not only looking for an experienced company but also the very best service possible.

Furthermore, we have also developed an exceptional professional profile that can be defined as follows:

Proofreading, translation and interpretation within the cultural sphere
If there is one area in which we perhaps stand out over the others, it is culture. For many years we have worked in partnership with this sector, translating texts for museums and exhibitions, producing translations and corrections for cultural publications, and providing interpreting services for the presentation of international productions. We have translated for many kinds of performing arts, including theatre.
Transcriptions and writing of minutes
Our work is endorsed by thousands of hours dedicated to transcriptions and their transformation into formal minutes.
A wide range of publications
At Manners we correct and translate the periodical publications of several organisations: annual reports, guides, annual summaries, journals, etc. We have also contributed to the production of one-off publications for various companies: commemorative books, exhibition catalogues, thematic essays, etc. Thanks to our experience in this sector, we can help you plan and produce any special publications that you may wish to release onto the market.


Purpose of the text

By clearly indicating the end purpose of your translation/correction/interpretation, the professional in charge will be able to adopt the most suitable register, style and language.


If rushed, a translation may not meet the desired quality standards. Consequently, it’s crucial to plan ahead and be realistic when setting deadlines.

Original documents

The original documents are very important and proofreading the source text can sometimes be as important as the translation itself.

Galley proofs

Before being published, texts first go through a galley proof process. It’s important to allocate sufficient time to this stage in your planning.

Your questions answered

Remember that we are on the other end of the phone (or computer screen). We’re happy to answer your questions and provide assistance whenever necessary. Building a professional rapport with our customers is another enjoyable aspect of our work.

Multilingual projects

When translating a text into multiple languages, it’s important to standardise both the translation criteria and the vocabulary. As a result, even when deadlines are tight, please expect all the various language versions to be delivered in one package. Like this we can ensure that the same process of standardisation is applied throughout the entire project.


Maria Rovira Trenc

Maria Rovira Trenc

Degree in Translation and Interpretation from Pompeu Fabra University. Translator of English, French and Italian, proofreader and project manager. Active in the field since 1998.

Mariona Gratacòs i Grau

Mariona Gratacòs i Grau

Degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), postgraduate diploma in Legal and Administrative Translation from the UAB and the School of Public Administration of Catalonia. Postgraduate diploma in Text Management for Professionals from Pompeu Fabra University and certificate of competency for the correction of oral and written texts. Translator of English, German and Dutch, proofreader and project manager. Active in the field since 1997.


We’ve worked with Manners for over fifteen years and we’ve had a very positive experience. Quotes are reasonable and – upon our clients’ acceptance – projects have been delivered swiftly along with the relevant explanations in answer to queries. Moreover, any questions regarding specific terms and concepts have always been answered in an instructive and efficient way.

Mario Sans

Sans Visual Studio

The Mercat de les Flors has worked with Manners for many years and it wouldn’t cross my mind to stop doing so. Throughout this entire time their work has been impeccable, they know my weaknesses (linguistically speaking) and they’re always there to help. They are true professionals.

Mercè Ros

Press Office, Mercat de les Flors

Manners have proofread our publications for the past fifteen years and their observations, contributions, comments and corrections have ensured outstanding results. Professionalism with rigour, a culture of service and superb customer attention are three of Manners’ key tenets.

Joan Rovira

President, La Llitera Studies Centre

For many years we were looking for a company to correct our editorial projects, catalogues, advertising material, etc., and we did not find the “perfect” partner until we found Manners. They offer unbeatable service and the quality of their translating and proofreading work is impeccable. We could no longer live without them!

Núria Guerrero

Manager, Xpresa

We have full confidence in Maria and Mariona’s work. They are efficient, diligent, first-rate professionals. Working with Manners means working well.

Meritxell Piqué

Digital Screen

We have been working with Manners Traduccions for many years now and we especially value the fact that they are always ready to adapt to the varying content and contexts of the jobs we assign them. Furthermore, they are very proactive when it comes to offering the most appropriate terminological solutions in different fields of work, such as marketing or sustainability.

César Hernández

Digital Screen

My experience with Manners has always been very satisfactory, both in terms of their professionalism and personal attention. Among many other things, I highly value their careful but flexible approach when it comes to resolving stylistic issues, and also the fact that they are readily available when we are in a rush to translate a text.

Mercè Muñoz

Head of the Technical Department, Biblioteques de Barcelona

The Manners team is an indispensable ally for the General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE) in Catalonia. We have been working with them for years and are extremely satisfied with their translation and proofreading services. Their professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail are excellent, as well as the quality of the product and punctuality when meeting deadlines. And apart from their expertise, the kindness and understanding they show in urgent situations is a guarantee of trust and reliability.

Luis Gómez

Director, SGAE in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

At Delirium we have had the pleasure of working with Manners on several translation projects and we can highly recommend them for their professionalism and friendliness. The entire team is made up of excellent professionals and we really enjoy having them as partners.

Judith Fontanals



We met way back at university and we still work together today. Every call I get from Manners is a joy, because of the type of projects they deal with, how they manage them and because you know that all in all everything’s going to be synonymous with rigour, dialogue, coherence, helpfulness and good humour. With Manners even the most demanding jobs are easy and motivating.

Emma Soler

Conference interpreter

Manners is one of the few agencies that recognises the craftsmanship involved in translation and correction work. They value and respect their translators and as a result it’s a pleasure to work with them. They are a small team of skilled professionals and their goal is to achieve excellent results.

Amalia Robb


It’s a pleasure to have worked with Manners for over fifteen years, because of their thoroughness, their flexibility, the commitment to their work and especially because of their warmth, trust and loyalty to external partners. 

Glòria Bohigas


I’ve worked for Manners with Maria and Mariona since 2011 and it’s been a positive experience both on a human and professional level. They’re always friendly and well organised, and they take into account the translator’s needs in terms of reasonable deadlines and rates. I’m also grateful to them for being sympathetic when I had a series of family problems that meant I had to delay the odd deadline. I’d like to add that on the whole their projects are very interesting and rewarding. Keep up the good work, girls!

Olga Korobenko


It’s a pleasure to work for Manners. They’re warm and welcoming, their texts are very interesting, their deadlines are reasonable, they pay on time and they’re always ready to answer any questions in order to get the translation just right. No problems whatsoever!

Valérie Espinasse


Working with you is always a pleasure. Your expertise, your commitment to a job well done and, above all, the fact that you yourselves are translators and proofreaders, and that you understand the work involved in each text… All this makes me feel very comfortable because I know that on the other side there’s someone who “speaks my language”. I must have said this before, but I’m delighted to work with Manners.

Ana Peris



At Manners we fully respect the confidentiality of the documents that our clients entrust us with. We are happy to sign any confidentiality agreements that you may require.